FusionCharts Suite XT
FusionCharts Suite XT includes 90+ charts and gauges, and 1000+ maps for creating interactive data visualizations for your web and mobile applications. The visualizations can be rendered in JavaScript using SVG and VML (for IE 6/7/8).
This package includes the following products:
Explore what you can build with FusionCharts
Chart Gallery

Explore our 95+ charts available to plot any kind of data, with different functional and cosmetic configurations.


Explore 20+ business dashboards built showcasing different business scenarios, in different technologies.

Data Stories

Explore Data Stories built using FusionCharts Suite, which combine data, narratives, and a series of linked visualizations, to explain a real-world phenomena.

Explore API & Attributes
Chart List & Attributes

Explore the functional and cosmetic attributes available to customize each of our 95+ charts.

JavaScript API Reference

Explore our JavaScript API, events, methods, namespaces etc., to use FusionCharts in its full power.

Map Specification Sheets

Explore our 1000+ maps with list of their ids, short names, long names, and attributes to configure maps.

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